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7 Landscaping Trends For Your Backyard in 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and landscaping season is about to go into full swing. If you have yet to decide what you’ll do with your backyard this year, you still have time to improve its overall aesthetic. In 2023, you can expect a lot of familiar trends and a few revivals. Below are seven of the most popular landscaping ideas that transform yards into relaxation places. 

Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping

It may seem strange to say you should landscape in an environmentally friendly way, but in 2023, this means using your outdoor property as a way to create sustainability. For example, conserve water by choosing plants that require minimal hydration. You can also divert rainwater into barrels to water your vegetable and flower gardens instead of city water from the hose. 

Other ways to be more climate-aware are to use hardscaping made of sustainable materials or to only decorate with plants that provide food, so water is being used for more than pure decoration. You can visit a plant and tree nursery online or in person to get an idea of what plants put out edible fruits that also have an ornamental appeal. 

Meditative Gardens

If you had a New Year’s resolution to meditate more in 2023, you’ll love how meditative garden spots as a landscape option. This type of area usually showcases green foliage, blooming plants with calming colors and scents, and an area with relaxation features like gazing balls, wind chimes, or a fountain. 

The idea is that natural elements like a breeze can gently rustle leaves and branches and provide shade, allowing you to kick back in a hammock or wicker chair and relax. 

Fire Pits

While not a new idea, fire pits continue their popularity in 2023, adding a feeling of community and peacefulness to any landscape. There’s nothing like gathering around a fire pit just after sunset and enjoying a night full of small talk and great memories with those you care about the most. Fire pits come in various styles, so you can opt for a smokeless option to avoid smelling like a campfire afterward.  


Another exciting landscape trend that is ideal for any home is the micro-garden. Typically, these are compact gardens that feature several levels of plants. Living in an urban area with a tiny deck or stoop can add a beautiful touch of nature to your cramped lifestyle. 

Growing Vertically

Another solution for tiny living quarters that offers a bit more gardening freedom than a micro-garden is raising plants–vertically. This landscape trend makes use of property height to create a natural aesthetic that pleases the senses. 

You can work with a trellis, a specially designed vertical planter, or even a metal bed frame to help your plants climb and create a wall of beauty. 

Victorian Throwback

You’ve probably seen Victorian-style gardens of the late 19th century. They featured rose bushes, large blooming hydrangeas, fountains, and high-profile shrubs to create privacy. In 2023, a similar landscaping trend is growing in popularity that incorporates many of these elements. 

To create your own New Age Victorian Garden landscape, ensure that you have enough beds to support the large number of plants needed. You should also invest in a few statement pieces, such as a bird bath or bench to sit on under a shade tree nearby.  

Bring Nature Indoors

Incorporating a bit of the outdoors into your home is always a welcome landscaping trend, and it continues into 2023. For many homeowners, instead of simply having a bunch of houseplants indoors, they strategically place flowerboxes outside windows and create outdoor spaces filled with vertical gardens and comfy patio furniture. Everywhere you look, even inside to out, you will catch a glimpse of these natural elements that immediately invite you to enjoy some quiet relaxation in these areas. 

The Getaway

After the pandemic, many of us were ready to go on vacation forever. But, alas, we have real-life responsibilities like bills to pay. So this year, some are deciding to bring the vacation to their landscape instead so they can achieve that “getaway” feeling without booking an expensive cruise. 

Add more foliage to a designated relaxation spot in your yard or on your back patio to create your own space to get away from it all. Depending on your climate, you can add oversized foliage that sports bold colors and textures. Lilies, hosta, and hibiscus are great options for this effect. Next, consider adding a small water fountain or a statement piece that reminds you of your favorite exotic place to visit. Next, accessorize! You might like to buy some oversized planters, pick out some brightly colored floral patterned patio cushions, and install some outdoor string lights to complete the look. A woven fiber rug is also a great addition to your vibe. 

Landscaping Can Transport You 

Landscaping in 2023 is about more than specially-curated flower beds and ornamental trees. This year, consumers want to continue getting more out of their homes after spending two years locked down from the pandemic. Many of the ideas currently trending depend on specially-chosen plants, shrubs, and trees for effect. So, do your research and find out which varieties are ideal for your home and climate to create an enduring landscape that will add a level of comfort and allure to your property.

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