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Tips for Decorating Your Home with Houseplants

Houseplants bring color, texture, and vitality to a space. Decorating your home with houseplants is a great way to make the room feel relaxed and comfortable while adding style. Learn how to choose plants and where to place them in your space to set the right tone and make a significant impact.

Place Plants at Eye Level

Position potted plants so you can enjoy the view from your favorite spot on the couch, your desk, or wherever you spend a lot of time. Feature a tall Ficus alongside your entertainment center or hang a Hoya linearis in a window opposite your desk so you can enjoy the dangling vines when you glance over the monitor. You chose the plants in your home for a reason, so make sure you can easily see them. Placing houseplants within view makes it possible to enjoy the visuals and the relaxing vibe created.

Maxamilist Maven

Group several plants on a credenza or mantle for a leafy impact. Completely filling a tabletop with houseplants will make a big visual statement and give the illusion of plants overtaking the space. Mix and match trailing plants alongside houseplants with an upright growth habit to add dimension, but ensure all plants receive the proper amount of sunlight.

Grouping plants is a great way to create a micro-climate and naturally increase the humidity in the immediate area, so this design technique is beneficial when Prayer Plants or other humidity-loving plants are in the mix.

Find Unexpected Nooks

It’s common to find houseplants on a table near a window or a kitchen window sill. While these are good spots, think outside the box and go for the unexpected. Place a trailing Pothos on top of the refrigerator, a solitary Whale Fin Sanseveria on a bar cart, or hang a fern in the shower. Make use of spaces that may not be immediately considered as a spot for a plant. The unexpected burst of greenery will add some whimsy and make the room feel more intentional.

Work with Your Space

Traditional plant styling advice will tell you to make use of high ceilings with a large floor plant or hang trailing plants in a window. You should use your space to showcase the design of your home, but don’t feel compelled to fall back on conventional plant styling techniques. Trellis a climbing plant or use wall-mounted hangers to create the same visual impact as a tall floor plant. Use the natural features of your abode to style houseplants while adding texture and warmth to your home.

Reverse Engineer Your Plant Collection

Instead of looking for the ideal spot for a specific plant, look at your space and evaluate the conditions. Determine how much light the living room corner receives or the humidity in the hallway, and choose plants that will thrive in those areas. Choosing houseplants based on the conditions in your home will help your plants thrive with minimal effort.

Go With Your Gut

Decorating your home with houseplants adds energy to a space, but ultimately, you should choose plants you enjoy and style them in a way that makes you happy and excited to be in the room. Make sure that the conditions of your home align with the plant’s care requirements and your level of commitment, and then all you need to do is enjoy your space because that’s what plant styling is all about.

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