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The 5 things you should consider when hiring a fence contractor

Looking for an expert fence contractor? Nearly 50,000 fencing companies are operating in the US which makes the hiring process even more difficult. Since installing a fence is an expensive, long-term investment, you have to do plenty of research when choosing a professional installer.

Only a fencing contractor in derby with high levels of workmanship can install a high-quality fence that exceeds your expectations. Do not go for the first fence contractor you find, take your time, and hire a reliable professional that you can reach if the fence breaks down in the future.

Seek out recommendations and read reviews on social media platforms to know if they will be the right fit. Additionally, here are 5 things to consider when hiring a fencing contractor


Start your research after shortlisting a few fencing companies. The fencing industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last 5 years, therefore, most of the companies operating are fairly new. These companies do not have ample experience in installing fences successfully.

Ensure that they have appropriate training, qualifications, and experience to yield the best fencing results. Most people assume that fence installation is not complicated, so they hire just about anyone for the job.

Installing a fence has plenty of complexities that only professionals can handle well. Fencing contractors in Jacksonville with experience and a good track record will give you peace of mind and complete the task without additional stress.

Credentials and Insurance

Confirm that the contractor has a valid license and is familiar with the fencing laws and safety policies. Each state has varying licensing requirements that a professional has to meet to obtain licenses. Generally, a contractor with a minimum of ten years of experience is eligible for a license.

In addition, having appropriate general liability insurance coverage will protect the homeowner in case of an injury or property damage. If a contractor gets injured or any damage is done to the property, both the homeowner and the contractor will be compensated.

Services Offered

It is wise to choose a fencing company/contractor that offers a long list of services. A quick way of knowing the services provided is by looking at the website. Importantly, inquire about the type of fences they can install and whether or not they can build a custom fence. Generally, contractors offer fence building, installation, maintenance and repair, and others.


A home or property owner has to stay within the budget when installing fencing. Be aware of scammers that charge higher prices in exchange for poor services. Have a better understanding of the costs involved in installing a fence especially if you have a tight budget. Get multiple quotes to ensure that you are not overpaying.


A reliable contractor always has a lot of work, therefore, may not be able to install a fence within a short time frame. Talk to the contractor about the project timeline and how they will compensate in case of prolonged delays.

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