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5 Important Garage Door Repair Tips

All garage owners agree that garage doors are harder to maintain and they require repairs every other month. Sometimes the opener switch, keypad, or remote control fails to work, and the motor moves but the door gets stuck, gets super noisy, or moves slower. 

To be honest, it’s pretty impossible to prevent these issues. You can not do anything for smooth functioning. However, what you can do is learn to garage door repair in san diego yourself. Here are a few tips that would help you in repairing the garage door to perfection.

Read the user manual thoroughly

Every garage door is different, therefore, it has to be repaired and maintained differently as well. One can not suggest anything without examining the garage door. Therefore, before attempting to fix the garage door issues, try reading the user manual at least once. There would not be a better guide than the user manual. It would contain specific information relating to the garage door.

Lubricate the moving parts 

Most of the time, the garage door does not work up to expectations because the moving parts are not lubricated. For smooth functioning, all the moving parts of the garage door need to be lubricated at least once a month. By moving parts I mean the nuts and bolts. Invest in a good lubricant and be a bit more regular in lubricating the moving parts of your garage door.

Fix or replace the door rollers 

The rollers get the blame for causing various garage door problems. Therefore, rollers do not just have to be observed but fixed and maintained as well. If you think your door roller is causing issues, disconnect the door opener motor from the power source and check for the damages. If the door rollers are repairable, get them repaired. However, the worn-out door rollers can only be replaced, replace to fix the issue.

You will always have someone to help you

Even if you think you are physically fit to repair the garage door yourself, it’s still not recommended to do it alone. Have someone to help you with lifting. You do not need professional help for this job. You can simply call your friend or any family member for this favor. 

Set a good cleaning regime 

To repair and maintain your garage door to perfection, it’s good to set a cleaning regime. If you do not have time to thoroughly clean the garage door every month. Do it every three months. This would help you in identifying the issues and fixing the issues earliest.


Most garage doors are electric these days. Whenever, you attempt to repair any garage door issue yourself, never forget to detach the power supply. The precense of electricity makes the repair tricky and risky. Therefore, to prevent nasty electric shock, better detach the electric supply first.

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