Essential Outdoor Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

As a homeowner, you have an obligation to care for your outdoor space for the benefit of yourself, your property and the entire community. And you’d be surprised to know just how many tools it’s necessary to upkeep a beautiful garden and front yard—as a new homeowner, expect a few investments for your tool shed. Of course, you don’t need every single thing from your local garden center, but these few tools are an absolute must for every homeowner: 

Safety gear Ground protection mats

First, make sure to keep your hands, eyes and feet protected when working in your yard with sharp tools. A pair of sturdy garden gloves are a must, and you’ll use these every day to protect your hands from splinters, thorns, dirt, fertilizer, etc. Next, a pair of protective glasses are necessary for any power tool work, lawnmower work and cutting wood. And finally, treat your feet with a pair of quality boots with steel toes so you don’t have to worry when using an axe, shovel or any other sharp tool around your toes.  

Ground protection mats

Ground protection mats are a great way to keep your floors clean and damage-free. They’re also perfect for use in areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic, like entrances and walkways. The mat is made from a soft, durable material that will protect your flooring from scratches and scuffs. Mats can help to prevent a number of common landscape problems, including uneven terrain, erosion, and damage to plants and trees. They’re also an effective way to keep the ground clean and free from debris. If you’re looking for a way to improve your landscaping program, look into ground protection mats.


To always keep your lawn looking clean and neat, a lawnmower is an absolute must. Today, you can choose between many different lawnmower models—push, self-propelled, ride-on, and even robot mowers. Choose your mower depending on the size of your lawn space. A good self-propelled mower with a decent bag for clippings will satisfy most homeowners, making mowing a breeze. If you really want to keep your lawn in top condition without any effort, a robot mower will do all the work for you while you’re at the office or relaxing inside. 

Garden rake

Here’s an essential tool for all aspiring gardeners—a simple garden rake. This tool is very practical and multipurpose, since you can use it for raking leaves and debris, mulching your garden and aerating your lawn. Also, if you notice some uneven parts of your yard, you can use the rake to level out the soil and make everything look nice. 

In garden and yard maintenance, removing leaves and debris from the ground can make a big difference in how your space looks. Also, by piercing holes in the ground and leveling the soil, you can give your plants the optimum conditions to grow and thrive. For anyone who wants to keep their outdoor space clean and tidy, garden rakes are a must! 

Pruners and a knife

There are many things you need to cut in your garden in order to keep the property nice. Flowers, bushes and trees all grow very quickly, especially if you give them love, so pruning them is a necessity. With pruning scissors, you can remove dead leaves and branches, remove overgrown shrubs, trim hedges and cut flowers. Small yet practical OTF knives are also a must for every outdoorsy homeowner. These switchblades are perfect for gardening tasks like cutting rope, opening various types of packaging, cutting boxes, removing flowers, etc. And when you’re done, just quickly draw the blade inside, store it in your pocket or boot and get on with your gardening work. 

Shovel and trowel

The easiest way to dig holes in your outdoor area for planting trees, shrubs and flowers is to use a shovel. This garden tool is practical for digging, turning over the soil and preparing your garden. Also, if you ever need to do some simple construction projects, your shovel will come super handy too. On the other hand, a hand trowel is a perfect tool for planting smaller plants and bulbs and digging small holes. It can be useful for shoveling mulch and moving small amounts of soil instead of using your hands. A shovel and a trowel might not be high-tech and glamorous, but they are useful and necessary. 

Hose with attachments

Any new homeowner will need a quality hose. This is another multipurpose tool that can be used for watering the plants, washing the car, cleaning your gutters and deck, filling buckets and pools, etc. And don’t skimp on the quality of the hose, because something high-quality will last for years and handle all sorts of pressure. Of course, purchase attachments like a nozzle, sprinkles and hose reel as well. 


And finally, don’t forget about this transportation option. Wheelbarrows are amazing for moving piles of leaves, sticks, brush and dirt, and they can handle all sorts of heavy hauling. Moving tools from the shed to the site of work is also much easier with a wheelbarrow. If your ground is very uneven, opt for pneumatic tires with more bounce so pushing these will be easier. Some new models of wheelbarrows come with two front wheels, which is safer when it comes to tipping. 

As a new homeowner, you’ll need to hit your local garden center many times. However, make sure to get all of the tools above on your first visit, so you can start your garden and yard maintenance ASAP—these are the main essentials for all outdoor work!

Infographic Provided by Radon Inspection Company, Home MD

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