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10 Easy Laundry Hacks for Overnight Guests

Having friends or family stay over at your place can be both an exciting and stressful experience, especially if they’re staying overnight or for several days. Laundry tends to pile up, and they may want to use your washer and dryer to launder their clothes. At the very least, you’ll need to clean their sheets, pillowcases and linens after their stay. Extra cleaning is required if you have pets at home, and if Mom decides it’s okay for Fido to sleep in her bed for a few nights. It’s important to make your guests feel comfortable and well-cared for, so we’ve put together this list of 10 easy laundry hacks for your overnight guests.

1 – How to Spot Treat Stains

When you’re wining and dining with your guests, stains are bound to happen from all the delicious food and drinks you’re having. Dab fresh stains with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water before you throw any stained clothing in the wash. A quick spot treatment will prevent permanent staining later on.

2 – How to Refresh Clothing with Dryer Sheets

You may think that dryer sheets can only be used in the dryer, but did you know that you can use them in other ways? Help your overnight guests refresh their suitcase or your drawer by placing a dryer sheet there. Simply place them inside the luggage of where clean clothing is stored, and it’ll act as an air freshener. If you have pets at home, it’s especially useful to put dryer sheets for pet hair inside the luggage to prevent odors and pet hair from sticking to clothing.

3 – How to Speed Up the Drying Process

When your guests are only staying for a limited amount of time, you’ll need to speed up the drying process in case you need to do laundry of your own. To help move things along faster, toss a clean and dry towel in the dryer along with the wet and washed clothes to help absorb moisture and reduce drying time.


4 – How to Release Wrinkles

Sometimes even with our best drying hacks, you’re still bound to get wrinkles in clothing. If your guests have an event they need to go to or want to look fresh for a night out on the town, use this trick to help release wrinkles. Simply hang wrinkled garments in the bathroom while they’re showering and the steam will release the wrinkles.

5 – Pro Tip: Provide Extra Hangers and a Folding Area 

Designate a folding area for your guests to help them keep their clothes organized and easy to find all in one place. Providing them with extra hangers will also help ensure their clothing stays wrinkle-free during their stay.

6 – Pro Tip: Use the Quick Refresh Cycle

For clothing that has been lightly used, you only need to do a quick refresh cycle in the wash. Find the quick wash and spin cycle on your washing machine which can freshen up your guests’ clothing in less than an hour without a full wash that can take well over an hour.

7 – Pro Tip: Set Up Laundry Baskets

If you don’t already have laundry sorting baskets at home, getting them for your guests is a good time to get into the sorting habit. Set up labeled laundry baskets to separate lights from darks and delicates from everything else. You may also want to have a separate basket for used towels.

8 – Pro Tip: Use a Mesh Laundry Bag 

Alternatively, get your guests a mesh bag. The mesh bag can be used to separate delicate items from the rest of the clothing to prevent snags or damage while in the wash. According to House Beautiful, a mesh laundry bag, also known as a wash bag, is made from mesh to allow water to still get in and out. It’s a great way to ensure your delicates like socks, bras and swimsuits don’t get ripped or tangled with all your other clothing.


9 – Pro Tip: Use Baking Soda 

As a quick way to remove odors, simply add a cup of baking soda to the wash to neutralize and freshen your guests’ clothing. This neat trick gets rid of unpleasant odors in a pinch.

10 – Pro Tip: Stock All the Essentials 

It’s time to stock up on guest-friendly laundry must-haves like stain remover, detergent and pet hair removers. One of the essentials you should have at home, regardless of overnight guests, is the best pet hair remover. If you have a pet at home, this handy tool can remove pet hair from clothing, furniture and any other non-knit surface.

By implementing any of these tips, you’re well on your way to becoming a master of the art of doing laundry when you have overnight guests. You’ll ensure that your guests’ clothing stays fresh and clean throughout their stay. Even when their clothing isn’t in the washer or dryer, use a handy tool like a professional pet hair remover, to remove dirt and other debris in a pinch.

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