5 Bathroom Renovations that Pay Off

Adding value to your house is a major step in the right direction for all homeowners. If you have savings you would like to reinvest, consider putting them back into your assets. And remodeling your house isn’t just a safe financial investment; it can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home. The comfort factor is a major ROI, especially considering how you have worked hard to own a home. And if you consider listing the house for sale, the remodeling and renovation efforts will not have been in vain. The better the house appears and the more functional, the more likely you will get a good price. 

Whether you wish to sell or not, adding value to your assets is always a good idea. 

This article plans on talking about renovation; however, we specifically wish to talk about bathroom remodeling. Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most commonly renovated parts of the house. Therefore, here are five bathroom renovation ideas that pay off. 

  1. Replace the showers and water supply

When it comes to the bathroom’s aesthetics, the first things you want to consider are the faucets and shower heads. Buying the right shower heads to compliment the tiles is one of the best investments you can make. 

However, we would not suggest that you change them out yourself. DIY is usually a great option, but in this case, calling in a Shower Replacement company might be better for you. 

You want to ensure no leaks and gaps between the tile and shower. And when dealing with water supply, it would be best to leave it to the professionals. One mistake and you could lose gallons of water. Moreover, the professionals will ensure there are no subtle leaks and that everything works smoothly. 

It should also be noted that professional work often suffers less wear and tear than DIY projects. Therefore, when it comes to value-added remodeling efforts for your bathroom, let the pros at A and A in Singapore handle it.

  1. Redo the tiles 

You may notice chipped, dull, and outdated tiles if you live in a dated house with slightly older fixtures. If the tiles don’t match the style you are looking for, consider changing them out and redoing the entire bathroom. Again, we suggest you call in the pros for this. Get the old tiles off the floor and replace them with the new ones you had in mind.

Coupled with a fresh new backsplash for the shower area, you now have a completely new bathroom design that could change the dynamic of the room. We suggest planning and color-coordinating before you pull the trigger on the project. What may seem right in your head may not translate well when applied to the bathroom. 

Therefore, consider an interior designer’s opinion or use a virtual aid to help envision the final design. 

  1. Add ventilation

Older houses did not consider how suffocating a bathroom can be during the hotter months. With evaporating water, houses exposed to direct sunlight can make a sauna out of the standard bathroom. Without proper ventilation, you may have a hard time spending more than a few minutes in the space without feeling light-headed. 

Consider adding windows to the room. Adding a window or two will improve the room’s aesthetics, create better ventilation, and add to the natural light. Moreover, if you can, an exhaust fan/regular fan could go a long way in making the space more bearable. 

Imagine having to get ready for work in the middle of the week in a bathroom where you cannot spend more than five minutes. A mere window coupled with a fan can make a world of difference and still add value. 

  1. Vanity

If you have a smaller bathroom, chances are you don’t have much more than a sink. Work with the space you have and consider creating a vanity rather than a mere sink. If you have a little more space, a double vanity is a sure-shot way to increase the value of your home for prospective buyers. If you give two people the space to get ready together, they can envision themselves in the house much better.
Moreover, having a countertop rather than a plain standalone sink is more useful and functional. Bathrooms are meant to be functional first and aesthetic second. Make sure you have your priorities right when remodeling the space. 

It would seem obvious, but having a clean, well-sized mirror behind the counter is also extremely important. Tiny, face-height mirrors aren’t going to cut it and add little to no value to the room. 

  1. Lighting and light fixtures

Think about it this way; this is the place where you will be getting ready and doing makeup. You would want to have adequate lighting solutions for your bathroom. The first solution is natural light. As we mentioned earlier, a window can go a long way, but if you really want to add value, consider adding in a skylight. 

If not, work with better light fittings within the bathroom. A spotlight on the vanity will work wonders when getting ready. Moreover, a ceiling light will ensure ample and holistic lighting in the entire space. 

However, when choosing a light source, ensure you get the best quality, functionality, and aesthetics from the products. If you have to invest a little more for the fancier light that ties the room together even when it’s off, go for it. 


There we have a few bathroom remodeling ideas that almost always pay off. Not only are you working towards the potential value this adds to the entire house, but the comfort it brings you while you live there. Ideally, you should put yourself first and then think about the ROI. 

Either way, we have mentioned five ideas you should consider. From shower and faucet replacement to lighting solutions, we have covered some of the best options that the average person can consider when remodeling the bathroom. 

We hope that this article has been helpful and that you get the chance to pull the trigger on the renovation ideas.

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