The Perfect Room for Sleep

Giving your bedroom a new look and some new items can help with sleep. Studies show that if your room is free of clutter and somewhere you want to be that you will enjoy being in there and will sleep better. There are different ways to make your bedroom the perfect escape for sleep.

Keep it Cool

Keeping your room cool can help you sleep better. So whether it is by using a bedspread that allows your skin to breathe or having a fan installed into your light fixture to keep the air circulating well, you may find these small changes can help.

Whether you want to add to your existing room or you want a whole new room, there are many options. A lot of duvets have the option for a cool material, stopping you from getting overheated through the night. 

This is an option not only in a duvet but for a duvet cover or a blanket, all of which would allow you to sleep without being interrupted by hot sweats. You can also get blankets that are a different thickness on either half, so if you run hot, but your partner is often cold, you can still share a duvet without either being uncomfortable.

Adding a new cooling mattress or mattress topper can help keep your body at the ideal temperature for sleep. Some mattresses now have this topper built in so that you, and your partner, can sleep at the ideal temperature without affecting the other. 

Having a blanket and mattress that will allow you to be at the perfect temperature will possibly prevent the need for a fan. However, if you feel like the ideal thing for your room is a fan, you have many options, from table fans for your bedside table to a ceiling fan or oscillating fan. 

Each will have a different noise level, so deciding which is best will be for you and your partner to make sure you will both be comfortable with the noise level.

Keep it Dark

The use of blackout curtains can help you to drift into a deep sleep and stay there. Added to this, many blackout curtains and black-out blinds, depending on your preference, also have some temperature control in them to stop the sun from heating your room. 

However, it is not only natural light that will affect your sleep but blue light from a computer screen or tv. So it is best to leave these things outside of the bedroom. If you do want to use your tablet or phone in bed, it is best to use the blue light filter or invest in some blue light glasses you can wear before bed. 

This will stop the blue light from tricking your brain into believing you should be awake. Again, allowing you to fall into a natural sleep.

If you or your partner find that they like to be woken by the sun and the other does not, then a good alternative for sleeping in the dark would be to use a sleep mask. From a basic airplane mask to one with headphones so you can listen to your favorite audiobook or sleep sounds to help you drift off could help you to sleep better.

Keep out the Clutter

One of the things that can bother sleep the most is having clutter in your room. Whether this is laundry that does not have a space or all of the things you need for the night and the following day just cluttering up. One of the best things you can do is make sure you have storage in your room. A pair of bedside tables would work perfectly for keeping what you need nearby without all of the clutter.

A pair of bedside tables would allow you and your partner a space to store your phone, book, or anything else you wish to have at hand by your bed. Keeping these things in a space that fits in your room perfectly will not only help with the clutter but will bring your room together. 

Most bedside tables will have a hole for your to keep your cables from getting tangled and allow you to put your bedside light right where you need it, along with your phone charger or alarm clock, depending on your preference. 

So whether it is to hold your glass of water or somewhere to store your phone so it is not under your pillow keeping you awake, a bedside table makes the perfect addition to any bedroom space. 

Maybe you want to get a new set of wardrobes or get some built-in to avoid having more furniture in your room. Having good storage space for clothes and any little knickknacks that is out of sight will help your brain from overthinking all of the things in your room. 

If you enjoy having books in your room, this is not a bad idea, as reading can also help you fall asleep, better than a tv or video game console. Adding a small bookcase to your room or shelves on your wall will stop the piles of books from stacking up. Again giving your brain less to think about and encouraging no clutter in your sleep space.

Sleep Sounds or No Sounds

Some people have found that falling asleep to white noise or the sound of rain helps them sleep better. When thinking about redecorating, it may be worth looking into an alarm clock with sleep sounds or a white noise machine to go on your new bedside tables. 

Alternatively, if you hate having noise as you fall asleep, it may be a good idea to look into some noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to help you sleep. This may also help if you have a partner who talks a lot in their sleep. Again, as with many changes you may make to your bedroom and how you sleep, speak to your partner and find what will work for you both.

The perfect space

When redecorating or making your bedroom the perfect place for sleep, why not consider implementing and purchasing some of these easy ideas to help you get the best sleep possible? In this busy world, make sure you have the time to get the sleep you need in the most comfortable way possible.

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