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How to Choose the Right Asphalt Contractor for Your Paving Project

When choosing an asphalt contractor, it is essential to do your research. This includes reading reviews and requesting a quote from each potential company. It is also crucial to ask about insurance and warranties. This protects you from financial liability should something go wrong during your project.

It is also helpful to look for a company with local roots. This shows they are invested in their community and will work hard to make their customers happy.


Asphalt installation is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires specialized equipment and professional training to ensure the job is done correctly and lasts many years. Look for an asphalt paving contractor who has been in business for a long time and has established a solid track record. You can check their online reviews and Better Business Bureau rating to evaluate their reputation and performance.

Also, ask them to provide examples of their work. This can be as simple as showing photos of their recent jobs or directing you to their website gallery page. If a potential contractor hesitates to give you references or information about past projects, that should be a red flag.

Another essential factor is their track record with local businesses and homeowners. Look for a company with many positive reviews and few negative ones. A few bad reviews won’t necessarily disqualify a company, but an overwhelming number of negative reviews could be a warning sign.


Your asphalt contractor should be able to communicate the benefits of working with them and what their work looks like. This means they should be able to explain why they recommend the specific paving materials, what sort of customizations or additional projects they think you need to do, and any other pertinent information. A good asphalt paving near me can also give you references from previous clients. A good asphalt paving near me can also give you references from previous clients.

It’s crucial to select a licensed and insured asphalt paving company to ensure protection in case of any mishap during the project. Ensure they have a valid contractor’s license and workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. It’s also a good idea to check online reviews and see what other people have said about the company. Also, find out if they routinely work in your area. If they don’t, that could indicate poor artistry and customer service.


During the estimating process, you will likely receive bids from multiple contractors. While selecting the contractor who offers you the lowest price is tempting, this only sometimes provides the best value.

Ask to see evidence of insurance coverage and business licenses. Reputable asphalt contractors will gladly show you these documents and explain their coverage type.

While workers’ compensation is required by law for almost all contractors, finding a contractor who carries general liability and commercial auto is essential. These policies will protect you if a worker gets injured on your property or their equipment breaks down.

Finally, it’s essential to find a contractor who provides accurate quotes and owns their equipment rather than renting it. This will save you money in the long run. Contractors who don’t own their equipment can often overestimate project costs to cover the cost of the rental fee. This can add up quickly and significantly.


Several specialized equipment and supplies are needed to complete your asphalt project. During your estimate, ask the contractor about the equipment they use. An expert will gladly show you photos and provide contact information for previous clients.

Dump trucks haul gravel, sand, and other bulk materials during construction projects. They come in different sizes, from end dump trucks to live bottom trucks, and can be outfitted with a conveyor system to reduce truck waiting times. Milling machines use either disc or drum rotors to cut and destroy existing pavement before laying new asphalt over the top.

Ask the asphalt contractor where they get their materials and how they keep their trucks and equipment in good working condition. A reliable company will also offer a project warranty to ensure their work meets your needs. They should be licensed for every aspect of the job and carry liability, auto, and workers’ compensation insurance.

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