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Eight locations for affordable real estate in Turkey

According to Turk.Estate affordability is one of the three major factors all property purchasers consider in Turkey. The other two main factors include the scalability of the market (that is, its viability and how much/soon they can recoup capital should they choose to sell) and, finally, the cost of living in the area. With little ado, buyers who consider the last factor are those buying to migrate; and hoping to know how much it will cost them comprehensively. This category of buyers also concerns themselves with lifestyle and other personal inclinations in the area. To say so, investors would be fine to know its costs and scalability.

Regardless of your purpose for buying a property, there is no gainsaying that affordability is a critical factor. If you are very rich, it will save you money; if you are average, it will make your ambition to own a property easier; and if you are in the lower class, you save a lot of panic time by going for an affordable property. You know what they say, never bite more than you can chew. To see some of the cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, check out these Top eight (8) most affordable communities in Turkey.

Budget-friendly real estate in Turkey in 2023 – top eight (8) locations to look

Turkey is so large that you may get confused about deciding where to live in the country, but a method to narrow down your search may be screening locations based on your job, affordability, uniqueness of the area, etc. Today, the focus will be placed on the most budget-friendly locations in Turkey:


One of the safest and most affordable places to buy property in Turkey is Didim, also known as Altikun, Turkey. This area is as exciting as it is cheap. Many ex-pats are flocking in from across the world, particularly the UK. The area is still largely developing, and there are currently many projects on the ground. Not to mention the large virgin land up for sale where you can buy and build whatever pleases you for a home. The area is also lively, and it is fast developing.

Average Property Price$46,000

Mardin City

You will find this beautiful and fast-developing city in South East of Anatolia. It may interest you that the whole city has been designated a World UNESCO heritage site, and you may own a property next door in such an iconic place. Mardin City is known for its many historical sites, such as the Mardin Castle, Museum, various ancient Monasteries (such as the Mor Gabriel and Mor Hananyo), the Grand Mosque and the Erkulu Mosque, and the  Kasımiye Madrasah.

Average Property Price$49,000


Trabzon is part of Turkey you want to go to, where you can enjoy a premium lifestyle and not burn your savings. Properties here have varying prices; some are enormously high, but the average is still much more affordable compared to Istanbul and other major cities. Besides the Hamsi delicacy, Trabzon is known for its r massive export of hazelnuts and tea and has amazing city areas for relaxation, such as the Hagia Sophia Museum, Atatürk Kosku, the Sumela Monastery, the Calkoy Cave, etc.

Average Property Price$52,000 – $65,000

Amasya City 

Welcome to Amasya City, the city of sweet apples and ancient wisdom. With its 7500 years old history, you can still find Ottoman Townhouses in this beautiful part of Northern Turkey.

Not only are properties more affordable in this zone, but Amasya is also regarded as one of the top five (5) least expensive places in terms of cost of living. As such, you will not only save money buying a house here but also save living costs such as the price of food, transportation, recreation, etc.

Average Property Price$65,000


With $48,000, you can get a fine apartment (swimming pool, gym access, and amazing view of the international airport areas all included) in one of the towers of Dalaman. Dalaman is a highly underrated area and one of the cheapest areas to invest in real estate. Visitors who use the international airport in that part of Turkey of eight view it as an area of passage. Still, there are exotic hotels and quality real estate in the township parts of Dalaman. An investment here is a sure banker because the city always has passers-by.

Average Property Price$48,000


Mahmutlar is one of the leading areas of Turkey. As Istanbul is becoming more crowded by the day, it is spilling into the suburban areas on all fours. Mahmutlar is one of the newly developing areas that benefit from Istanbul’s expansion. Property prices here greatly differ as many new luxury-packed units are being developed at the moment; however, prices begin at $45,000 and above.

Starting Price$45,000


Search the newly industrial areas of Alanya for properties with very fair prices. For budget purposes, you may want to stay away from the very developed areas as the units there have appreciated over the years and have become pricey. 

Starting Price$45,000


Lastly, as per affordability comes Kayseri, a city with many historical sites, virgin land for farming, and real estate. Many new luxury units are starting in Amatsya, but their prices are slightly below $75,000. Value for money is sure, and there are many sites with cultural and historical value in the city.

A lot of people have ruled out Istanbul for affordability; although the city is one of the costliest, there are still some areas where you can find the most affordable properties for sale in Istanbul. For example, try listings in Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, and Silivri; these are the places you are most likely to find fair properties.

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