Do You Want to Build a New Staircase? Here are Some Insights

Some home upgrade ideas sound simple, and you pick them up without considering the cost. You change light fixtures, wall paint, rugs, furniture items, etc. Since these are less demanding in terms of money, time, and energy, you can indulge in them. However, your stress levels go up when you move to some more serious features. You look at your budget, urgency, and other factors. Suppose your kitchen cabinets have become worn out. What do you do with them? Replacements can be expensive based on their size and style. But you cannot leave them in such a condition. After all, these hold your cooking essentials. Plus, if you entertain guests there, it can be embarrassing to ignore these fixtures, which cover a significant footprint.

Or, you may have been thinking about purchasing a farm kitchen sink for a long time. If your existing cabinet supports this design, you can quickly take a call. Otherwise, you have to prepare for this change mentally. So, home renovation or repair upgrades largely depend on your choices and priorities. In this context, it can be worth bringing your attention to the tired-looking staircase in the house. Most homeowners ignore it as much as possible. When it becomes difficult to take any more footstep, they feel compelled to take this complex and expensive project. But is this complicated and expensive? Let’s figure things out.

Cost of building a new staircase

Location, style, and material determine the budget. On average, an American household keeps aside a budget of USD $1950 for this. But it can vary from USD $900-3000. These estimates are mainly for indoor staircases. You may pay a higher price if it’s the main staircase, while loft and basement areas can be more affordable.

Main staircase

Suppose you want to refurbish the main staircase that takes you from the ground floor to the house’s first floor or other floors as applicable. It is one of the most used features of the house. So, weight resistance and durability become critical factors. As per building codes, each flight should be able to carry a minimum of 300 lbs. or 100 lbs. weight per sq ft. Hence, there will be considerable reinforcement costs. Then, the replacement method adds another angle. Demolishing or replacing the older one while maintaining structural integrity is costly, and for a good reason. Also, aesthetics play a critical role.

This indoor feature will be the focal point of the house. A simple concrete design can look ugly. Hence, you may rely on wrought iron and wood models. These tend to be expensive compared to concrete materials. Add installation and other factors, and you will know why this is an expensive and time-consuming project. A budget of USD $2,500 – 3,000 can only feel reasonable.

Basement staircase

You can get this done for USD $950 to 3000. This least expensive project costs around USD $1200 on average. Price shoots up when picking upscale materials and customized designs. Plus, how you use your basement can also impact the staircase budget. For instance, if this is just your laundry room and storage corner, you may ditch the aesthetic part and explore cheaper options like concrete, which is durable and robust. As mentioned, it’s also affordable. On the other hand, you can pay more for better materials and finishes if your basement has a living area and bedroom. Still, the installation part is easy, keeping your expenses in check, costing about a maximum of USD $3000.

Loft stairs

Again, you can get it done for the same budget as the basement. The usage of the loft can be a critical factor in determining what type of stairs you select for it. You will need a permanent staircase if you convert it into a living space. Each step should be able to carry about 300 lbs. load. Going by this, it can cost as much as the main staircase. However, you can save some money in this case because it doesn’t affect the structure of your house similarly. Also, you can cut down on finishing. If it is just a storage space, you can save even more. In that case, folding staircase or ladder stair designs can be more than enough. These are DIY varieties. So, you can lower your budget more.

Staircase styles

L-shaped, U-shaped, straight, spiral, and many more types are available. Each has some unique qualities and capacities to contribute to your home decor. Most modern homes feature L and U-shaped designs over straight versions for safety reasons. These usually cost between USD $1,900 and USD $4,000. Both these designs contain smaller steps and railings with a landing platform. While the L-shape landing area turns 90 degrees, the other comes with a 180-degree turn. Their visual appeal is fantastic. Homes with small kids can opt for any of these two for sure.

As for straight designs, these involve an installation cost of about USD $1,950 – 2,500. Their simplicity is their enormous appeal. Else, they don’t have anything fancy about them. These staircases consist of single rows of steps with railing in a straight line. You can decorate it with wood varnish, paint, and other materials. Since you get pre-fabricated options, these can be most pocket-friendly. The main challenge with this design is the high risk of falling; if someone trips on the top, they tumble down to the bottom.

Furthermore, people find spiral design enticing as it can be a great fit even in smaller spaces. Large places demand wider spiral steps, which appear too royal. These spiral staircases can need a budget of USD $2,000 – USD$3,000 to build.

These are two main areas, but plenty of things matter when you renovate your indoor staircases. No matter what, replacing the older one is essential if there are any structural issues. At the same time, you will want to choose something that aligns well with your decor. Marble is high-end, while the stone is cheaper than this. Both come with incredible feel and charm. On the other hand, metal is more contemporary in look.

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