Smart Home

Cost-Effective Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Home Security Camera

Keeping a watchful eye on your home is possible even from miles away, thanks to smart security cameras. Smart security cameras can be accessed and controlled through an app from any device, including a smartphone and PC. Also, when these security cameras are integrated into other smart devices, such as alarm systems, they can work more efficiently. However, you must ensure your smart security is backed with uninterrupted internet so that it performs optimally at all times. Therefore, you need to invest in a good internet connection, such as Century link which is a top-rated internet service provider.

In the market, there’s a wide selection of smart security cameras to choose from; while there are expensive high-end cameras, there are good cameras at affordable rates too. You can get security cameras under $50 that offer high-end results of up to 1080 – 1440 p resolution and can work with voice assistants, offer color night vision, and more. Wyze Cam v3, Relink E1 Pro, and ZOSI C190 are some of the notably affordable security camera models you can check out.

Smart Speaker

From people living alone to older adults who need assistance to do their mundane tasks, smart speakers are of great advantage. For example, you can make or pick up a call without holding your phone to the ear, get automatic reminders, and can play any music with one voice command.

There are more options than ever, but since we are focused on low-priced choices, we will mention the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest mini, both options cost around $50.

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart audio system that can be used to play music and it also has Alexa, which can be commanded to control smart home devices besides reading out news, telling jokes and weather forecasts, etc. Google Nest mini, on the other hand, is powered by Google Assistant. Its extra far-field microphone makes it easier to hear requests and respond.

Smart Displays

A smart display is similar to smart audio with a smart screen to look at. It can connect to the home security devices like security cameras and video doorbells. Moreover, you can check the weather, watch TV shows and movies, and can make video calls, etc.

Amazon Echo Show 5 is one of the cheapest smart displays that cost around $35, then is Google Nest Hub (second generation) which you can buy for as low as $50.

Smart Lighting

You are shocked and stuck in dismay as the electric bill climbs up every month, right? You are not alone. In 2022, consumers paid 14.3% more for electricity than they paid in 2021. Considering the current global crisis electricity bills are expected to skyrocket year by year. But what is the solution? Monitoring and managing the utility of electricity effectively. By replacing traditional lights with best led lights, you can save energy, lower utility bills, and decrease your carbon footprint. Smart LED lighting fixtures are nowadays known for their energy efficiency, as they consume significantly less power compared to traditional bulbs. Besides, you can illuminate your home with a spellbinding atmosphere, elevating the ambiance for a certain occasion or event.

Smart lights come in all sizes, shapes, styles, and rates. By and large, they are not very expensive; however, of all, the most reasonable choice you can make for your home includes, Singled Smart Wi-Fi LED. It is a low-cost smart light that works with Alexa and Google Assistant; it is super easy to set up, and the app tracks energy consumption. Singled makes the most affordable smart lights, starting at as low as $12.

Smart Plugs

The most inexpensive investment to bring a smart feature to your home is by installing smart plugs. These plugs are controlled and operated through a smartphone app and are powered by Google Assistant or Alexa. You can command the smart plugs through a voice assistant to turn on or turn off a device. This saves you energy and embarrassment(from overcooking or spoiling). Also, it lets you so multi-tasking, not leaving any task unattended. You may turn off the house’s lights and fans from miles away if you have forgotten to Smart plugs are very affordable, and their price ranges from $5 to $10.

Video Door Bells

Want to avoid having uninvited people at your home?  If yes, the video doorbell is for you. From deterring burglars to identifying porch pirates, the video door bells allow you to always know who is at the door. Moreover, they add great value to your home, helping you close a lucrative deal if you sell your home, and it also saves money on homeowner’s insurance.

As far as the prices are not too affordable, but considering the wide range of benefits it offers, it is worth it. Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a very affordable video doorbell that costs around $65. Moreover, it is easy to install and it works with Alexa.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors work vigilantly to ensure safety, increased efficiency, and predictive maintenance. They will identify a problem before it causes any harm or leads to a costly service. It can work in liaison with security cameras, for example, to inform you of suspected movements around your home. You may buy ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor for $8 for enhanced security at your home

Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is a device that regulates your home temperature, and you access and control it from afar. It helps you create automatic temperature settings according to your need and requirements. Some of the reliable and affordable smart thermostat options include Wyse Thermostat which costs $78 and Amazon Smart Thermostat which costs $80, respectively.


The installation of smart devices is assumed to be expensive but it is not if you navigate through a plethora of choices in the market to discover cost-effective options. Regardless of which devices you buy, one thing is certain, its increasing need. The sooner the better; invest in a smart home and turn mundane processes into smart ones.

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