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Car shelter solutions and carport kits prices

Garage is the conventional format of premises which is specifically organized to aid in protection and parking of vehicles. However, there are other supportive roofs which are dedicated to serve as shelter for cars which are addressed as carports. These roofing structures are located besides the houses. This side-by-side installation is easy for people to protect cars from snow, rain, and debris in small and limited setup. These are equipped with only one or two walls, unlike other garage structures composed of four walls. There are DIY or customized carport kits. These packages are provided with pre-cut metal carport pieces that needs to be assembled together to develop a functional metal carport. Carport kits prices vary depending on certain factors. These are size, quality, material, and brand of carport pieces to be used in residential and commercial carport shelter setting. Normally, the carport kits are not very expensive, are quite affordable and easy to construct. 

What are carports?

Carports are covered structures that are employed as temporary stand for cars. These are different from traditional garages, are open sided with a roof that is a cost-effective solution for parking cars. This does not serve same security and protection as of a garage but is used for secondary residential shelters of cars. Assembling carports from scratch is not difficult at all; simple labour can complete the task. There are carport kits equipped with individual carport components; however, each carport kits prices vary.

Carport kits and its accessories

Carports are large structures developed from kits consisting of parts that are a necessity to complete a functional carport. In a carport kit, frames i.e. posts, columns, beams, and trusses are preliminary components. Others are roof panels, fasteners, hardware, anchoring materials, gutters and downspouts, base rails, trim pieces, bracing materials, side panels, etc. These carport-related elements have explicit worth in the overall carport kit prices. The technical features of each carport brand manufactures make a difference in the cost of the carport kit set. There are carports suitable to fit only a single vehicle, being comparatively affordable than the multi-parking carports. Generally, a colour bond carport is purchased at 4,000$, sturdy and durable for a long time.

Factors affecting carport kit prices

A carport standing structures for cars is common in urban areas, near most residential and commercial properties. Carports appear to be normal to develop or purchase but some factors can influence the rate of carport parts. Following are the key areas that can affect the carport kits prices 

  • Sizing and dimensions of carports: Carports that are larger in coverage will have high pricing rate in comparison to the ones with smaller dimensional geometry.
  • Raw material for carport construction: From the framing to roofing style, the choice of raw source matters a lot. Commonly, carports are of steel, aluminium, and wood. The carports made out of steel are high in durability, but this quality makes them expensive from others.
  • Roofing pattern: Roofs in carports are flat, gable, or A-frame in designs. So, carports with aesthetically decorated and physically complex in appearance are generally rated higher in cost.
  • Anchoring materials: Carport kits are composed of basic as well as robust anchoring system. So, the type of anchoring employed for the final carport structure influence carport construction kit prices. 
  • Assembly: Joining individual parts of the carports is the assembly stage which is directly related to installation. More the complexity in adjoining different parts of carport kits additional cost will be added.


Carports are the common, yet temporary shelters employed for parking cars, an alternative solution to garages. Carports are pre-build as well as customized with accordance to the parts found in carport kits from the manufacturers. Overall, the carport kit prices are varied based on sizes, dimensions, quality, materials, individual framing components, durability, brand, etc. 

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