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9 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit

Whether you’re decluttering to make more space in your current home or moving to another, renting a storage unit will come in handy. The average home size in a state like Delaware is 2,270 square feet, which is above the national average across the US and the 5th largest in the country. Despite that, having extra storage space never hurts when you need to store away extra belongings you don’t need in your house but can’t give away. 

Say you reside in Milford, Delaware, and need to rent a storage unit. In that case, you have your work cut out for yourself since this relatively small city and state has 595 storage units in a total of 35 storage companies, according to StorageCafe. With a population density of 1,481 people per square mile, finding decent storage in Milford can often be difficult. So here’s what you should do to find and rent the perfect unit for your needs:

Consider your belongings and decide what size you’d prefer for your storage facility. You can find units of different sizes; some units are small enough for documents and small heirlooms, while bigger ones can accommodate cars and RVs. The size of a storage unit can range from 5×5 to 10×40, with the largest costing the most. If you own boats in Delaware, consider keeping them in a storage unit as well.

  • Find storage units located nearby

Use Google to locate Milford storage units online and search for those in your neighborhood. Leasing nearby-located storage facilities will lower the cost of commuting in case of frequent visits.

With a population barely exceeding 11,000 residents, one-half of Milford’s 4,614 residences are renter-occupied. Whether you’re the homeowner or renting the place, finding storage facilities nearby can help you make your home more spacious.

  • Check the reviews before renting

Check online reviews before renting a storage facility. Ask around your neighbors in Milford, Delaware, about which storage facilities offer the best services. Talk to friends and family and get some reliable suggestions. Online reviews on neutral platforms can help you find the best storage facility in the Blue Hen State. See the company’s ratings to determine if it’s the best place for safekeeping. 

  • Rent climate-controlled units

Summers in Milford can get warm, muggy, and steamy easily, which is why you should rent a climate-controlled unit to keep your belongings safe from the weather. Even though climate-controlled units may come at a slightly higher cost than standard units, they prevent all your valuables from elemental damage. Warmth and humidity can ruin wooden furniture, melt certain objects, and stimulate the growth of mold and mildew. Climate-controlled units don’t let these issues happen.

With these units, you will get enhanced preservation for things like wine, antiques, collectibles, and musical instruments.

  • Make sure the unit is accessible 

Your storage facility should be accessible 24/7 to make this work so you can retrieve or drop off stuff. Ensure the management has first-floor units with very easy access. However, there’s no harm in renting a unit that’s only accessible during business hours.

You can also bring your lock and key to make the unit more accessible. Some facilities offer electronic access systems where tenants use a code to enter the facility. That’s how the unit stays inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. Renting a unit located nearby will also improve its accessibility.

  • Check the security of the unit

In Milford, your chances of facing a violent crime are 1 in 139. That’s why you should ensure the self-storage company has strict security measures to protect your belongings from vandalism, such as on-premise guards working 24/7 in different shifts. You can make your stuff securer by:

  • Insuring your belongings
  • Not storing anything with personal info mentioned on it
  • Locking your unit with a heavy-duty padlock
  • Visiting your storage unit periodically, such as once a month
  • Investing in a well-lit facility with gated access and surveillance cameras
  • Insure your belongings beforehand

Many Delaware-based facilities ask tenants to either buy insurance through them or contact another company. By insuring your stuff, you can cover your losses in the case of fire, theft, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Carefully consider the value of the items you’re keeping in the unit and buy adequate insurance to cover the losses if something unpredictable happens.

Also, don’t sign the insurance agreement before reading it. Ensure you clearly understand what this agreement covers and if there are any limitations you should know of before signing.

  • Prepare your papers when renting

When you’re about to rent the unit, the management will ask for some sort of identification. Bring your documents to the storage facility, such as your state ID, social security number, or driver’s license. Also, don’t sign the rental agreement before considering the following important questions:

  • What’s the rental period?
  • What are termination requirements?
  • Are there any hidden charges or additional fees?
  • Will they auction your objects due to late payments?
  • Which items aren’t allowed to be kept in the storage facility?
  • Learn what you can’t store there

Some objects aren’t fit to keep in a storage facility. You can search online for many lists of things you must never keep in self-storage units. For instance, ammunition, flammables, and perishable foods are usually not allowed. Moreover, the following things shouldn’t be kept in these units:

  • Toxic things:- Asbestos, uranium, or medical waste
  • Illegal things:- Anything that has been robbed or stolen
  • Living things:- Yourself, your pets, insects, plants, or others
  • Dangerous things:- Gasoline, fireworks, pesticides, and flammables
  • Irreplaceable things:- Your documents, jewelry, family heirloom, or artwork


You can lease the ideal storage unit for your personal or business needs by following the guidelines discussed in this blog. From choosing the right size to ensuring the safety of your item, these tips help you find the perfect storage facility in Milford, Delaware – or any other city, for that matter. Prioritize features like climate control, accessibility, 24/7 security, and high user ratings and reviews. This unit should be located nearby your home so you may access your stuff whenever you feel like it.

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