6 Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives Properly

Whether you’re a passionate home cook or not, throwing your kitchen knives into the drawer along with other cutlery is one of the worst decisions you can make. Not only will you increase your risk of cutting yourself on the blades when reaching for them, but they will also become damaged when knocking against other utensils. 

So, before looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen and boost home value, consider one of these six proper ways to store your kitchen knives. 

Knife Edge Guards

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to store your knives anywhere other than in the cutlery drawer, you’ll want to invest in knife edge guards. These plastic sheaths cover the blades of the knife to prevent damage. These guards also prevent blades from dulling. 

Moreover, when preventing blades from dulling, it’s also essential to use a honing steel or a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife blades routinely. 

Knife Block

Knife blocks are an aesthetically appealing way to store kitchen knives on countertops. These wooden blocks have individual slots for knives of various types. The universal knife block design will include slots for a chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife, steak knife, meat cleaver, and even kitchen shears. 

While knife blocks are commonly crafted from wood, you can also find glass, rubber, and plastic knife blocks. 

Drawer Knife Blocks

Drawer knife blocks, or knife bars, are storage systems that fit inside a drawer. The blocks have slots for each type of knife blade and are great for keeping your cutlery drawers neat as well. 

Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips can make a statement in any kitchen. These strips coordinate well with pot and pan racks and shelving or cabinets without doors. 

Nevertheless, magnetic knife strips mount to the wall and provide a magnetic surface to stick knife blades. Install the strip on the wall above your kitchen workspace, and store your knives easily. 

Leather Knife Roll

Leather knife rolls contain slots and pockets to hold each type of kitchen knife. Simply unroll the holder to access and store knives. 

These rolls will last a lifetime and provide ample protection for all your kitchen knives. However, this storage option is typically best for those who need to travel with their kitchen knives, as the roll makes for a perfectly safe way to transport sharp kitchen knives without risking damage to the knives or injury to yourself. 

Magnetic Knife Blocks

Magnetic knife blocks are similar to standard knife blocks, although they do not feature slots for the knives. Instead, the knives stick to the sides of the magnetic block, preventing the blade edges from damage that could occur when blades shuffle around in the knife slots of the standard kitchen knife block designs. 

While there are several different ways to store your kitchen knives properly, it’s best to choose a storage option that complements your kitchen design, the types of knives you have, and your budget. Beyond these factors, you can also choose a knife storage system that you find the most appealing.

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