10 Reasons to Consider Moving to Kelowna

Kelowna is a vibrant and scenic city located in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Nestled alongside the shores of Okanagan Lake and surrounded by mountains, Kelowna offers residents stunning natural beauty and an exceptional quality of life. 

Kelowna has become one of Canada’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas in recent years, with its population increasing by 2.75% from 2021 to 2022. The mild climate, thriving job market, and abundant recreational activities continue attracting new residents from Canada and around the world.

If that’s not enough, let’s look at more reasons you should consider moving to Kelowna. 

  1. Natural Beauty

Kelowna is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes. Okanagan Lake, covering an area of 348 square kilometers, is the centerpiece of the city. With 97 kilometers of shoreline, it provides ample opportunities for swimming, boating, and other watersports during the summer months. 

Kelowna enjoys over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, ideal weather for enjoying the outdoors. The surrounding mountains provide a scenic backdrop and allow for skiing and snowboarding activities during the winter. 

The natural beauty of Kelowna plays a huge role in its appeal as a destination to live.

  1. Housing Opportunities 

Kelowna offers a range of housing options to meet the needs of different demographics, from young professionals to growing families to retirees. Conveniently located neighborhoods with amenities, green spaces, and transit access provide ideal settings for singles and couples. Larger suburban communities offer family-friendly homes, while downtown high-rise condominiums cater to professionals. 

On top of it, those requiring temporary storage while moving can take advantage of self-storage facilities like Airport Village Self Storage. These Kelowna storage units are climate-controlled, ensuring your belongings are protected while transitioning into the new home. 

  1. Vibrant Community

Kelowna residents enjoy a friendly, laidback, and active community. The city has a thriving arts and culture scene, with galleries, museums, live music venues, and seasonal festivals. 

Outdoor markets like the Kelowna Farmers’ Market provide opportunities to connect with locals while sampling fresh produce and goods. An abundance of coffee shops, breweries, wineries, and restaurants give residents plenty of options for dining and socializing. 

The mild winters ensure year-round access to community events and outdoor activities like cycling, running, and water sports. Kelowna’s community spirit fosters a sense of belonging.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Kelowna’s landscapes create the perfect playground for outdoor recreation and adventure. Cycling and hiking trails wind through the valleys and hillsides, including the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. 

Ski resorts like Big White and Silver Star offer downhill and cross-country skiing in winter. Summer water sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, paddleboarding, and swimming are popular on Okanagan Lake. 

Numerous regional and provincial parks also provide campsites and amenities for overnight excursions. With endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, Kelowna makes it easy to lead an active lifestyle.

  1. Climate

Kelowna enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. 

Winters are generally mild, with average daytime highs above freezing, even in January and February. This allows for year-round outdoor activities. 

Spring and fall offer comfortable temperatures and less precipitation. Summers are hot and dry, with daytime highs in the twenties and thirties Celsius. 

The area receives about 2000 hours of sunshine annually. While cold snaps and hot spells occur, the climate is pleasant, making it easy to enjoy Kelowna’s amenities and natural settings year-round.

  1. Growing Job Market

Kelowna’s diversified economy provides ample employment opportunities. Major industries include tourism, healthcare, construction, real estate, high-tech, and agriculture/food production. The University of British Columbia Okanagan campus and Okanagan College also employ many residents. 

Kelowna’s central location makes it an appealing headquarters for companies serving Western Canada. New residents will find various options, from professional services to trades to retail and hospitality. The unemployment rate sits below the national average, indicating a healthy job market.

  1. Education and Schools

Families moving to Kelowna will find the city offers high-quality education options. The Central Okanagan School District operates dozens of public elementary, middle, and high schools across the region. 

Public schools consistently rank highly in Fraser Institute ratings, while newer facilities and learning technologies create an engaging academic environment.

  1. Wine Country

Kelowna sits in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Canada’s premier wine region. Over 120 wineries operate in the region, many offering tours and tastings. Favorable growing conditions allow vintners to produce excellent cool climate varietals like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling. Moreover, several wineries host live music and dining to enhance the tastings. 

Easy access to these world-class vineyards and the burgeoning wine culture adds to Kelowna’s appeal for wine lovers.

  1. Cultural Experiences

While Kelowna’s natural environment takes center stage, the city also offers plenty of cultural amenities. The Kelowna Art Gallery and Krafspace Contemporary Art Gallery feature works by local, national, and indigenous artists. Prospera Place Arena and Kelowna Community Theatre host concerts, performances, and sporting events. 

Festivals like the Kelowna Regatta, Center of Gravity Festival, and Okanagan Wine Festival celebrate the region each summer. Numerous restaurants provide opportunities to experience local ingredients and wines. Thriving culture and entertainment contribute to Kelowna’s high quality of life.

  1. Accessible Healthcare

Kelowna’s growing population is supported by excellent healthcare facilities and resources. Kelowna General Hospital provides comprehensive services as the region’s primary acute care facility. Several walk-in clinics offer residents prompt access to care for more routine needs. Medical specialists in areas like pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, and oncology serve the community. 

With a physician-to-population ratio higher than the national average, accessing family doctors and healthcare services is easier than in many other parts of Canada. This gives newcomers peace of mind.

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