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Top Smart Home Gadgets for 2023

The popularity of smart home systems has increased significantly in the last decade. Everyone is rushing to equip their home with the latest smart gadgets and get their advantages. Smart gadgets provide a great deal of comfort and security along with a reduction in energy bills. 

These gadgets have become so common that homeowners struggle to select what’s best for their homes. Many companies and brands are competing fiercely to provide users with top products. Every category is filled with top products, from something small like a smart light bulb to something big like a smart security system.

Fret not; today, we will look at the top 5 smart home gadgets you must consider if you are considering converting your traditional home into an intelligent one and getting a lifetime of comfort. So, let’s get started. 

Top 5 Smart Gadgets For Homeowners 

1. Smart Thermostat

Everyone knows that a smart thermostat helps to cool and heat our homes according to the temperature outside. However, they can do so much more. More advanced thermostats allow you to monitor and change your home’s temperature remotely via WIFI. 

You can also use these thermostats through a voice assistant like Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Easy voice command is enough to adjust the temperature as desired. 

These thermostats also help in saving money on your energy bills. Automatically adjusting your temperature according to outside conditions saves you a lot of money annually on your bills. Many states in the U.S. and electric companies offer rebates for upgrading to smart thermostats.

We recommend the Amazon Smart Thermostat as our favourite smart thermostat. Developed in partnership with Honeywell. Using the Alexa app, you can adjust the temperature in your home through the Reside0 thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat (2020) for Google fans is also worth mentioning. This product is attractive in appearance, and it can be controlled using the Google Home app or Google Assistant voice commands.

2. Smart Lock For Doors 

If the security of your home is a top priority, then smart lock is the right choice for you. You can use them to access your house members without a physical key and even identify unauthorised persons outside your house.  Like thermostats, they are also voice-controlled. You can connect them using a Wi-Fi connection to your Google Home or Alexa and give voice commands to open or close doors.

You can assign others to access your house on certain days and hours. Such as for your babysitters, dog walkers, or housemaids. The activity logs on a smart lock allow you to see when and who has accessed your home.

The installation of these smart locks is very simple. Most of them come with predrilled holes matching your door frame. Consider August Smart Locks if you are considering purchasing one. This lock can be installed on your existing deadbolt using its plug-and-play assembly. 

The August app can generate temporary unlock codes for family members and friends who might visit the house to feed your pets or water your garden while you are away.

3. Smart Security Camera

Smart cameras in junction with smart locks enhance your home security. There are indoor and outdoor cameras that help you record the detail of everything happening in your home outside and inside. Some advanced cameras allow monitoring from a mobile phone app and a Wi-Fi connection. 

Furthermore, these cameras provide an alert when they detect motion or unusual sounds outside your main door. They have a microphone installed in them which you can use to speak with the person who comes to your house, or you can directly scare away intruders too because these cameras are equipped with a two-way (dual) audio system and night vision.

Among smart home brands, Nest is considered a leading brand offering indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. It offers a viewing angle of 130 degrees, high-quality digital zoom, motion detection capabilities, and integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

4. Smart Water Monitor and Detector

Water leakage is a prevalent problem in homes, and the damage it causes can be costly. It can damage your electrical appliances such as EV chargers, fridges, and washing machines, or worse case, the structural integrity of your house. 

Although fret not, a new generation of intelligent water monitoring, leak detection, and valve shutoff systems are being developed to ensure you don’t have to deal with these damages. Leak detectors can find water beneath sinks, around toilets, or in the basement when it shouldn’t. 

Your phone will be notified when a leak is detected by one of these sensors. If a leak is detected, smart water valve shutoffs can be connected to the leak detectors, which will automatically shut down your water supply. Also, when you depart the house for an extended period, you can remotely control the smart water valve from your smartphone.

Water leak detectors and monitors manufactured by Moen Flo are among the best available. When connected to the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shut Off, it will detect a burst pipe, a leaky tub, or a flood in your basement during a storm. It will send an alert message and automatically turn off the water supply from the mains.

5. Smart Light Bulbs

Smart lights have become among the most popular gadgets for smart homes. By using a mobile app on your phone, you can easily turn on/off these bulbs and dim their brightness. You can even select specific times of the day during which you want lights to remain on and turn off automatically. All these functionalities help you in reducing energy bills.

Some bulbs are activated by motion detection. If a person enters the premises, the bulb turns on, and when he leaves, it turns off. A Philips Hue light bulb is among the best smart bulbs available. It is possible to program them to shut off or dim at certain times to reduce energy consumption. You can also operate these bulbs through a mobile app too.

It is extremely easy to use these smart light bulbs. Plug the Hue bulbs into your light fixtures, connect the Hue bridge to your wireless router, and download the Hue mobile application.


These smart home gadgets are among the best available in the market. They provide homeowners convenience, comfort, and efficiency, simplifying and improving their lives.

When so many options are available, deciding which smart home technology to invest in isn’t easy. The final decision comes from your choice and budget; if you can afford them, buy as many as you want. Smart home technology will continue to evolve, and in the coming years, we can see many innovations as well.

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