Kids and Moves: Tips for Helping Children Adjust

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but it can also be challenging – especially for children. Kids may find the change unsettling, as they must leave behind familiar surroundings and friends. However, with the right approach, parents can help ease the transition and make the experience a positive one. Here are some tips for helping your child adjust to a move.

Discuss the Move Openly

The first step in preparing your child for a move is to discuss it with them openly and honestly. Give them ample time to process the news and express their feelings. Make sure they understand why the move is necessary and highlight the exciting aspects of the new location.

Involve Kids in the Process

Involving your children in the moving process can help them feel more in control. Allow them to assist in packing their belongings, or let them choose the color for their new bedroom. This can help them feel excited and positive about the move.

Take Them on a Tour

If possible, take your child for a visit to the new house and the surrounding neighborhood before the move. Show them nearby parks, schools, and other points of interest to help them visualize their new surroundings.

Maintain Routine

Try to keep your child’s routine as normal as possible during the move. Regular meal, play, and bedtime schedules provide a sense of comfort and stability.

Create a Goodbye Ritual

Help your child say goodbye to their old home and friends. This could involve throwing a farewell party, creating a scrapbook of memories, or taking photos of their favorite places.

Seek Professional Help

If your child is having a hard time coping with the move, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A counselor or therapist can provide techniques and strategies to help them manage their feelings.

Focus on the Positive

Whether you’re moving for work, for better schooling options, or for a different lifestyle, there’s likely something exciting about your new location. For instance, if you’re considering the Advantages of Moving to Toms River, NJ, share these benefits with your child to generate enthusiasm.


Remember, it’s normal for a child to take some time to adjust to a new environment. Be patient and supportive during this transition. These tips should not only help your child cope with the move but also help them embrace the changes and look forward to their new home. Happy moving!

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