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Busting the Common Myths Associated with Pool Covers in Australia.

Have second thoughts about using and putting in Pool Covers in Australia?If you just bought a pool, you probably have a lot of questions about what is the right kind of pool cover, which colour r is the best, the kind of fabric that lasts long, the size of the pool cover, and the approximate time it can last and many more, you may have a whole lot of list of endless questions about Poll Covers The hot topic is the new-age models. But this excitement also gives way to absurd presumptions and falsehoods about pool covers.

We will dispel the myths surrounding the installation and use of pool covers in this article. You won’t be unsure about the buy in this manner. It is somewhat surprising that there have developed so many false beliefs about swimming pool covers with all the options available in the market such as winter covers, solar pool covers, and other types—given the importance, they play in the upkeep and use of a pool. See what swimming pool builders have to say about the commonly circulated myths by reading the information below.

Let’s have look at it:

Pool Covers Give Your Pool a Bad Look.

This is one of the most horrifying fallacies regarding winter covers and solar pool covers alike because a good fit and regular maintenance will go a long way toward ensuring that your cover always looks great and performs superbly.

Pool covers are often perceived by homeowners as being plain and unattractive. That it would detract from the appearance of their outdoor area. Modern pool covers, however, can improve the area’s appearance as a whole. Their many looks, tints, and cuts can completely transform the environment. We can even make arrangements for a covert design if that’s what you’re after.

All you need to do before making a purchase is ask about the minimalist style standards of the professional expert helping you with the purchase. The team at Pool Express Australia sees to it that the suppliers deliver a product that meets those requirements and needs to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and it helps to ease you to maintain the Swimming Pool.

Auto-Cover for Pools is only available in customised sizes.

Its incredible customised  designs are the subject of additional pool cover myths.

It is accurate.

Regular and automatic Pool Covers in Australia has undergone a revolution throughout time. If you know what you’re looking for, you can now locate them in a variety of sizes and forms. The best aspect is that your preferred cover type may be customise d to fit the size of your Swimming Pool.

So, if you like, feel free to construct an oddball pool shape or design. We always try to make sure there’s a pool cover available that matches your unique pool design.

Pro Advice: You can put normal automatic pool covers on pools with odd shapes. However, you can only do this if you build a pool deck and renovate the house.

Pool Covers are only to be installed for Kids

Do you think that Pool Cover is necessary for all your family members, pets, and friends? 

Then you are badly mistaken.

In Australia, Pool Covers are typically regarded as more than just child safety barriers. Additionally, your pool cover can shield the water from vermin infestations. It keeps out obtrusive visitors such as flies or vicious insects and protects the pool area as well as the pool water from environmental elements and airborne diseases as well.

Safety pool covers can also keep your dogs from tripping over and getting wet. Additionally, while the pool is not in use, it reduces the possibility of slip and fall incidents, and injuries and safeguards the pool for once and all.

If the Pool Is Warm you don’t need a Pool Cover

No! This is practically impossible because you have to have a solar pool cover all the time to maintain the temperature of the pool water. As per the professional’s advice, almost one-third of all heat is wasted if there is no Pool Cover over the Pool.

Pool Cover is just needed in Summer and Spring Season

Winter pool covers are necessary to maintain your Swimming Pool in the finest condition possible during those lengthy, chilly months when you won’t be enjoying a dip, even if they go by the name “solar pool covers.”

When you do decide to use your pool all over again after months of no use, having a winter cover installed over it will at the very least significantly minimize the amount of preparation and cleaning required when we re-open the pool for use. This is a result of how well Pool Covers keep leaves and debris out of the water.

All the Pool Covers Are Worth the Cost Paid


When people lump hot takes on pool covers into the pricey category, it becomes irritating. It’s because the majority of manufacturers have devoted countless hours to developing sustainable solutions. The numerous reasons for installing the cover that will save you money only serve to increase its environmental appeal.

Among the advantages of pool coverings are:

There is a reduction in the number of activities you usually do to maintain the Pool.

Pool chemicals are shielded from UV light deterioration.

It prevents dirt and contaminants from entering the pool.

By preventing heat and sunshine from reaching the water, it lowers water loss.

You can control the temperature in the winter.

In the end, when you look at both ends the advantages and the disadvantages you can find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The return on investment is always high when the benefits are considered. Because of this, we believe that maintaining their residential pools is a cost-effective plan. This is because pool covers not only save electricity costs but also make maintenance simpler.

The Bottom Line

Avoid letting widespread misconceptions regarding swimming pool covers mislead you about their relevance and utility. In the end, we want to remind you to let these don’t myths get to your mind. Pool covers are a wise investment in the end. They enable cost savings, pool protection, and simpler maintenance. Additionally, before making a purchase, you can choose from a variety of personalised  alternatives.

How many of these Pool Covers Misconceptions did you previously hold?  Ask more questions and get answers from the top pool cover experts. Contact Pool Express Australia.

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